Electric Vehicle Charger and Installation Rebates-New!

Electric Vehicle Charger Rebates

The City of Lodi offers rebates for the installation and purchase of Level 2 electric vehicle chargers.

We are currently offering the following rebates: 

Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger (Residential)
Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger (Commercial)
Electrical Vehicle Charger Installation (Residential)
Electrical Vehicle Charger Installation (Commercial)
  1. Rebate Guidelines
  2. Documents You'll Need
  3. Apply For Your Rebate
  4. Terms and Conditions
  5. EV Charging Rate
  6. EV Meter Submittal Checklist
  1. See EV Meter Submittal Checklist. Complete checklist.
  2. Contact the City of Lodi’s building department (209-333-6714) for permit requirements. Or, click here for Construction Permit Application (PDF). And, click here for Checklist for Expedited Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permit (PDF).
  3. Commercial installations require a Construction Permit Application. The Checklist for Expedited Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permit does not apply.
  4.  Applications must be postmarked no later than 180 days after the purchase of the Level 2 charger.
  5. This program has a limited budget. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, until funds are depleted.
  6. The level 2 charger must be installed at the residential dwelling unit or commercial location receiving electric power from Lodi Electric Utility.
  7. Qualifying Level 2 (240-volt) charger must be: new and unused;certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL Listed); ETL Listed; or approved by the City of Lodi Building Department. Chargers that are portable, resold, rebuilt, received from warranty insurance claims, or new parts installed in existing units are not eligible for rebates under this program. The Level 2 charger must be wall-mounted and installed by a licensed contractor.
  8. Incomplete applications will be rejected. Applications must include all required information. 

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