No-Show & Late Cancellation Policy

If you have a pattern or practice of missing scheduled trips or not canceling trips within the required time, you may be suspended from service.


  • A no-show is when a Dial-A-Ride/VineLine (DAR/VL) passenger reserves and schedules a ride but does not meet the vehicle within 5 minutes of its arrival.
  • A late cancellation is when a DAR/VL passenger fails to cancel a trip more than 1 hour prior to their scheduled departure time. 
    • If you cannot make it to your scheduled reservation, please call 209-333-6806.


For each no-show or late cancellation, you will receive a warning notice.

If you have received 4 notices in a rolling 6 month period and they represent 10% or more of your scheduled trips, you will be sent suspension letter.